Monte Carlo Jam 2K5

In November of 2005 I had an idea for a New Years party. Rather than just waiting til the last minute to throw a "Last Minute Jam" as I had several times before, I would plan a casino themed party and try to do something a little different. However, by this time several people were already planning New Years Eve parties, so it quickly became clear, that even though it wasn't the "Last Minute" it might already be too late. But I liked the idea so much that I decided to throw the party anyway. A week before Christmas. And so, "Monte Carlo Jam" was born.

The first ever Monte Carlo Jam occured on Dec 18th, 2005. Rather than the traditional costume contests of other Maverick Jams, I decided to have a bunch of casino themed games. I gave everyone $35 worth of chips for arriving, and they were able to bet them at blackjack, roulette, texas hold'em, and high/low as the night went on. There were also several special events that only I knew which allowed people to win more money if they happened upon them. (Everything from being the first person to show up, to giving me a kiss, to playing Steph's piano). Guests were also encouraged to barter chips among themselves. So chips were given for getting a drink or giving a lapdance. There was also a costume contest (though I had said there wouldn't be) where the people with the best casino-esque outfits won chips or prizes. (a strip poker video game, won by Paul and a Playboy Playmate mirror won by Katie). At the end of the night, the biggest chip holders got a texas hold'em video game (Katie & John-Eric), a set of high quality clay poker chips (Paul & Danielle), or a DVD player (Jenn & Max).

A good time was had by all, or so I am told. Might have to do this one again in the future.

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