Jammy Jam 2006


Jammy Jam 2K6 occured on July 29th, 2006. It was a celebration of my 32nd birthday as well as Steph's (a lady never tells) birthday. The house was packed, probably beyond capacity, and there was a huge turn out of people who dressed up. Now, obviously the hottub was up and running for Aloha Jam but I opted against it for this. Instead, for the first time in Maverick Jam history, we had live bands. It seemed to go over pretty well. It's not going to be a regular thing, but it did rock and maybe we'll do it again sometime. Many thanks to Naked Friday, Stewart and The Gladstone Ruckus for providing all of the entertainment. Hopefully everyone else had as much fun as I did. See you all next year.

The Contests

As with every Maverick Jam there was a costume contest. Prizes were given out for the best 3 outfits, male and female plus honorable mentions in both categories. Winners were voted on by the attendees of the party. Honorable Mention girl got a copy of the movie "Sleepover" while the boy got a porno entitled "Where the Boys Aren't #17" The third prize winners got copies of "The Cookie Sutra" (a kamasutra illustrated with gingerbread cookies). Second prize winners got Sex Manuals by author Lou Paget. First place winners got a breakfast in bed kit including a breakfast serving tray, two bowls, two champagne flutes, a bottle of champagne for mimosas, breakfast cereal and books on oral sex as well as the traditional jammy jam gift certificates to Victoria's Secret and/or International Male. In addition, for the first time ever there was an additional kissing contest with a single male and female winner. The boy got a bedside assortment of condoms and the girl got a fantasy sex kit, which I'm quite curious to find out what's in it.

The winners were:
Boyz Grrlz
1. Mav 1. Rachael
2. Ben G. 2. Dana
3. Anders 3. Kris
Honorable. Jon-Eric Honorable. Erica
Kissing. Chris Kissing. George

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