Aloha Jam 2004

Aloha Jam 2004 occured on July 3, 2004. You know, I actually wasn't even intending to have a party at all, but then Mike convinced me that if my current unemployed bum like melancholy existence needed anything, it was women wandering around the house in bikinis. You know, sometimes its the simple things that make all the difference.

The Contest

It's not really a Maverick Jam if there's no costume contest. So of course there was one. Prizes were given out for the best 3 outfits, male and female. Winners were voted on by the attendees of the party. The third prize male winner got Bikini Summer on DVD, while the female winner got Don Juan DeMarco. Second place girls winner got Cast Away on DVD while the boys winner received Blue Crush. The first place winner in the men's contest got a bottle of Mango Rum and a hula boy bobble body trophy, the woman's contest winner received a bottle of Coconut Rum and a hula girl bobble body trophy.

The winners were:
Boyz Grrlz
1. Mav 1. Jill
2. Faisal 2. Megan
3. Marc 3. Barb

IMG_7179.JPG IMG_7148.JPG IMG_7138.JPG IMG_7139.JPG IMG_7141.JPG
IMG_7142.JPG IMG_7144.JPG IMG_7145.JPG IMG_7146.JPG IMG_7151.JPG
IMG_7152.JPG IMG_7154.JPG IMG_7176.JPG IMG_7178.JPG IMG_7181.JPG
IMG_7183.JPG IMG_7184.JPG IMG_7187.JPG IMG_7189.JPG IMG_7190.JPG
IMG_7191.JPG IMG_7192.JPG IMG_7193.JPG IMG_7196.JPG IMG_7197.JPG
IMG_7199.JPG IMG_7202.JPG IMG_7203.JPG IMG_7205.JPG IMG_7207.JPG
IMG_7198.JPG IMG_7194.JPG IMG_7210.JPG IMG_7211.JPG IMG_7212.JPG

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