Aloha Jam 2K5

Aloha Jam 2005 occured on May 28th, 2005. It was a celebration of Steph and I buying a new house. I had been looking forward to using my new hottub and pool during the party, but the hottub was broken and it wasn't warm enough to use the pool. Oh well, maybe next year. In any case, by all accounts, lots of fun was had by all. If you weren't there, hopefully you'll make it next year.

The Contest

It's not really a Maverick Jam if there's no costume contest. So of course there was one. Prizes were given out for the best 3 outfits, male and female. Winners were voted on by the attendees of the party. The third prize winners got blow up rafts for use in a pool. Second place got beach towels. The first place winner in the men's contest got a bottle of Margarita Mix, a margarita glass and a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit gift pack. The woman's contest winner received a bottle of Margarita Mix, a margarita glass and a gift certificate to Body Central. For reasons that I don't quite understand the winners traded (I have no idea what Jameel is gonna do with a $25 gift certificate to Body Central).

The winners were:
Boyz Grrlz
1. Jameel 1. Katherine
2. Mav 2. Regina
3. Mike 3. Kelli

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