Welcome to Mav's Party Nook

Hello, my name is Mav and I throw parties. The best parties. Just ask anyone. If you haven't been to one of my parties you should definitely come. And you should bring friends. Preferrably cute ones. :-)

It all started with the Jammy Jam. I've been throwing Jammy Jams on my birthday every year since I think 1995 or so. And then I started throwing other theme parties as well (The Maverick Jams), but it took til 2001 before it occured to me that I should document these events. If only I had thought to document parties during the College Street years. But no, many Jammy Jams, Halloween Jams, Carnival Jams and the fabled Pirate Jam are lost to the ages.

Oh well, better late than never. Archived here are records of the parties from the last couple of years (and the costume contests and winners from each):

And further parties to be posted as they occur. If you have an idea for a Maverick Jam, feel free to let me know.